All whitelisted Sol addresses are free to participate in this round of our private sale. However, please remember to use a desktop computer and download the latest version of Google Chrome and the Phantom Wallet extension before attempting to connect to our private sale DApp.


If you originally created your Solana wallet address using any wallet other than Phantom Extension through Google Chrome, then you must import the secret phrase issued during the set up of your whitelisted wallet address (or seed phrase in the case of Solflare wallets) to your new Phantom Wallet Google Chrome extension before you will be permitted access to our DApp.


How Do I Find my Secret Phrase?


This should have been written down during the creation of your original Sol DEX wallet. However, if you forgot to write this down, you can access your secret phrase a number of ways.


For Trust Wallet users (iOS/Android): Open your Trust Wallet app and click the Settings gear on the bottom right hand corner, then click Wallets, locate your Sol wallet and click the “i”, find “BACKUP OPTIONS” and click “Show Secret Phrase”

For Phantom Wallet users (iOS/Android): Open your Phantom Wallet app and click on the “S” in the top left hand corner, find and click Security, and then select “Show Secret Recovery Phrase”

For Solflare Wallet users (iOS/Android): Locate the gear on the bottom right hand corner, select your account from the list, scroll down to “Export private key”, click “SHOW” on the next page and write down your private key

For Solflare Wallet users (Google Chrome Extension): Locate the round display picture next to “Settings” and you will see a drop down menu, locate the option for exporting your private key and write down your private key


How Do I Import My Existing Wallet to Phantom Wallet Extension for Google Chrome?


When you open the Phantom Wallet extension using Google Chrome you will be asked whether or not you intend to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet. In order to participate in this round of our private sale, you must make sure to import the seed/secret phrase/private key for your existing whitelisted Solana wallet. In other words: only import the wallet you submitted to Serenity Shield during the white listing process.


Congratulations! You’re now ready to purchase your first $SERSH tokens.