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Protect Your Legacy

Digital assets afford us all immense opportunities. They also have their risks. Managing these risks is the key to this ecosystem.

Last year, crypto-related hacks, scams, and forgotten secret wallet phrases amounted to more than $14B in losses, which is up from an already staggering $7.8B reported in 2020. Serenity Shield seeks to reverse this trend by providing users of our ‘StrongBox’ utility with direct and secure access to a robust encryption protocol designed to protect access to their most valuable digital assets.

Serenity Shield protects your investments so they will carry over to the recipient of your choice and not become permanently lost due to untimely demise or death.

Our Solution

Serenity Shield aims to provide a new and innovative blockchain technology solution, leveraging the immutable security of smart contracts paired with a professionally designed, user-facing Front-end Decentralized App (DApp).


Serenity Shield is solving a blockchain problem with a blockchain solution. Our innovative approach ensures a secure, decentralized and transparent solution built on the 'Secret Network' blockchain.


Our DApp has no central authority, so our solution is fully accessible to anyone simply by connecting their favorite wallet compatible with the Solana network.

Smart Contracts

Entirely automated and without human intervention, Serenity Shield employs closely audited smart contracts throughout our product line, guaranteeing privacy and security for all of our users.


Each 'StrongBox' will undergo encryption into 3 digital keys (NFTs) and will require 2 keys to successfully unlock the user's 'StrongBox'.


Until now, there has been little to no support system for securing access or transferring valuable digital assets to our family members or loved ones in the event of forgotten secret phrases, lost wallet seeds, or unforeseen personal tragedy.
Our offerings will help empower our users, instilling them with a fresh confidence towards their future and providing them with guaranteed peace of mind.

Seed recovery

We regularly secure our digital assets in various ways, ranging from paper, to software and hardware options, to accounts on centralized exchanges. However, each of these traditional approaches suffers from significant disadvantages and security vulnerabilities that may lead to assets becoming permanently locked or inaccessible. Serenity Shield presents a solution for this sensitive information problem.

How does a StrongBox work?

Serenity Shield is driven by simplicity, and our beautiful user-friendly DApp is no exception, allowing our users the freedom and ease to login and create a new or amend an existing StrongBox account from anywhere in the world.

From the moment a new user activates their Serenity Shield account, to a recovery event being executed by the user or their heir(s), all sensitive information will have undergone a robust encryption process that effectively splits the sensitive information into three unique NFTs Keys. Each Key is then distributed as follows: one to the account holder, one to their heir, and one to remain locked within the Serenity Shield smart contract.

$SERSH Token

$SERSH is the Serenity Shield utility token created to enable the retrieval of sensitive information from a user’s ‘StrongBox’. It is a deflationary SPL token that works on the Solana network allowing it to benefit from low gas fees and high network speeds.

Tokens offered in public sale:


Total supply:


Initial circ supply:



Buy Back and Burn of $SERSH tokens will be facilitated by a percentage of the revenue generated from use of our DApp. Due to this deliberate token burn, the supply of $SERSH will incrementally decrease over time, increasing token scarcity..

$ SERSH Token Schedule and Unlocking

Serenity Shield has a fixed vesting schedule for Token allocations. This approach will help to avoid any significant drops in the token price.
Serenity Shield'd primary goal is to take care of its community and provide the highest level service possible.


Team Members

Rodolphe Seynat

Strategic Investor Head of Lyrics Group

Hugues Svay

COO. Business dev Head

Mikhael Gerbet

Lead Dev Chapter

Juan Martin Oviedo

Security Head

Liam DeMarney

Admin Head

Nikos Koukos

Communication Head

Julio Villalobos

Art Director

David Martin

Specialist US insurance market, policy sales

Justin Mantell

Communication & Sales


Strategic Investors


Private Investors Club


Frequently asked questions

Can I change my mind and recovery my NFTs?

YES. If for any reason the initial user chooses to amend or cancel the access conditions on their account. They can simply reclaim the third NFT saved to the Serenity Shield StrongBox vault, thus terminating the operation.

How can i get Serenity Shield Service?

Our DApp will be in test net beta stage in Q2 2022, at which point you can test it for yourself!! After being audit and debugged, Serenity Shield will launch our DApp in mainnet. STAY TUNNED!

How do I invest in Serenity Shield?

Serenity Shield will be accepting investment on a first come, first served basis a cross several rounds:

April 2022: Private round 1 – $0.12 per $SERSH with a $900 minimum May 2022: Private round 2 – $0.15 per $SERSH with a $400 minimum June 2022: Public round – $0.20 per $SERSH with no minimum

What is the StrongBox activation policy and how does it work?

The activation policy of any Strongbox refers to the user-defined condition(s) for execution of the inheritance protocol.

For example: If the activation policy is set by a user to be carried out after a countdown of 6 months, then the Secret-Network-stored NFT housed in the Serenity Shield smart contract would be automatically sent to the heir at the end of that 6 month period.

Do I need a wallet in order to hold $SERSH tokens?

Yes, you will need a wallet to hold $SERSH tokens. Initially that will require the use of a trusted wallet on the Solana network, such as Phantom Wallet, and, in the future, $SERSH will be available cross-chain for safekeeping in any popular multi-chain wallet that supports the BSC Network.

Does Serenity Shield have any partnerships in place with other trusted cryptocurrency projects?

We sure do! To date, Serenity Shield has signed partnerships with Lyris Group Capital, Fintech Belgium, Simont Braun, Secret Network, Uniris, and MarketAcross to bring industry-leading security and marketing tools to our valued community and the wider crypto audience beyond.

Is it possible for Serenity Shield to store 2FA information, such as the recovery codes associated with apps such as Google Authenticator?

Yes, users of Serenity Shield products and services will be able to store their 2FA information inside of a StrongBox to safeguard the recovery of login credentials for centralized exchanges, or any other sensitive account information required for login on a website.

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