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In case you have not already heard, crypto is dead. Everyone is saying so. Just ask the Wall Street JournalThe Spectator, or Charlie Munger. Those are just the most recent and highest-profile commentators to weigh in on the subject. Considering the gravity of their combined words as some of the more respected perspectives on all matters business-related, one could be forgiven for the general dour outlook amongst market participants. In the minds of many, the future holds a great deal of financial danger.

Crypto Is Dead, Long Live Crypto

We have all been here before, though. This is hardly the first time well-known and well-respected personalities in the mainstream media have endeavored to etch the official epitaph for the asset class. So routine has this refrain become that some even consider such negative press as a market bottom indicator. Someone even created a website that tracks all of the premature Bitcoin obituaries that get published. The list is long and the authors varied. Going back to Bitcoin’s inception, there have already been 377 published articles announcing the end of the era of digital assets.

As the old adage goes, though, “When in doubt, zoom out.” Doing so puts into perspective just where we as a nascent asset class stand, and where we have yet to go. While Bitcoin’s price has displayed a flesh-rending, teeth-gnashing level of volatility since its founding 12 years ago, over the long term the price has continued to rise steadily. Over its lifetime, Bitcoin has been compounding at almost 200% per year. That even includes the most recent price action that has everyone so anxious. As we settle into the pre-summer market doldrums, it helps to keep all of this in mind as we hear the litany of naysayers trot out the same old song and dance.

Cryptographic Fear and Greed

According to most experts, we have either already entered or stand on the immediate cusp of falling into a potential prolonged global recession. Since digital assets represent the bleeding edge of technological innovation, they also suffer from being perceived as much more speculative. This has unfortunately left full adoption frustratingly out of reach for the time being. The recent Luna Crash provided an object lesson as to why.

While true that many other assets will decline in value, become moribund, or perhaps even cease to exist, the fact remains that the asset class as a whole will remain and grow. Digital assets represent the next logical step in the development of money. Ultimately, we will witness continued adoption of this emerging technology, rendering the current state of the market largely irrelevant. It simply forestalls the inevitable. Blockchain technology provides solutions that surpass all other approaches in terms of cost, flexibility, and speed.

The fundamental value proposition of cryptographic assets generally is also quite a sound one. Strong networks providing real utility will flourish and thrive, especially those intent on fostering and cultivating the development of commercial applications from other teams.

Bringing Serenity to the World

The Serenity Shield team counts ourselves amongst the optimistic. We believe that, over the coming decades, digital assets will develop into the premier asset class due to its many advantages over traditional assets. It is this admittedly optimistic perspective that motivates the team to provide the greatest comprehensive digital asset solution available anywhere. Because of the future we anticipate for digital assets, Serenity Shield is building a set of solutions intended to protect your digital heritage now and for decades into the future. For the projects and assets that remain, Serenity Shield will provide the security everyone needs.

The Serenity Shield project ticks all of the boxes necessary for broad commercial adoption. Our project provides a cryptographic solution to a problem that everyone in this space faces. That ubiquity of opportunity means that Serenity Shield will be in a position to generate revenue almost from day one. Projects that have developed income streams will succeed. Revenue is critical. Cash flow, as they say, is king. It is practically a truism.

Our Vow

At Serenity Shield, our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver. Such an approach requires a mature appreciation of market conditions and a sober assessment of the state of our project, technological expertise alone will prove insufficient. As powerful a technological solution as it is, it cannot solve every problem. Because the burden ultimately falls on us as a team, we have found that the best approach is the sensible, practical, and honest one.

Our solution will provide the technical security we all need, while the Serenity Shield team builds a potent commercial enterprise predicated upon it. Serenity Shield will be the premier digital succession technology solution in the digital asset space. Throughout the entire process, the team will endeavor to communicate with our community, investors, and the wider market in the most sensible and professional way possible as we continue to provide reliable information and education for all.

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