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There is a certain constant peril that pervades the digital asset space. No matter the value of your assets, the risk of losing your assets remains a very real and ever-present danger. All digital assetholders face similar risks. The need to maintain an exquisite level of security over one’s security identifiers is real, and it is a need that has gone unfilled.

Whether you are one of the lucky early adopters who sit on millions or even billions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or various other cryptocurrencies and NFTs, or you are a more recent adopter and only have a few bucks worth of DOGEcoin or some other meme coin du jour, no one relishes losing their wallets.

Security Is A Luxury

Whether through elaborate scams, misplaced or lost seed phrases, or just sheer bad luck, we all face these risks. If you fail to pass on the necessary information to someone you trust before you reach your demise, or your security somehow becomes compromised or undermined, those assets become lost. Consider all the dead Bitcoin wallets around the world. What do you think the erstwhile owners, or their potential heirs, would do to reach those trapped, essentially dead, assets?

Up until now, we have also faced these pitfalls and hazards alone. Such is the nature of digital assets. Luckily, Serenity Shield has the solution to protect your financial legacy, for yourself and for tomorrow.

Digital Protection Is Here

Serenity Shield has developed a fully decentralized encryption solution that promises peace of mind for whales and minnows alike. Serenity Shield offers the only comprehensive solution to safeguard your digital assets, regardless of how you hold them. With Serenity Shield, you no longer have to worry about the possibility of losing a seed phrase. You also have the option of ensuring that your assets will be safely transferred to a designated recipient in the case of personal tragedy or death.

With Serenity Shield, everyone who holds digital assets now has the power of asset protection and preservation

How It Works, the Basics

Serenity Shield has developed an innovative, revolutionary solution backed by the immutability and security of decentralized blockchain technology. This approach ensures that all user data remains encrypted and thoroughly protected from all unauthorized access.

The Serenity Shield security solution is deceptively simple. Using a decentralized front-end application, commonly referred to as a DApp, Serenity Shield stores all designated user information in a virtual StrongBox. That StrongBox then gets secured by the minting of three non-fungible token (NFT) Keys that enable trustless access. From the moment a new user activates their Serenity Shield account to a recovery event to reclaim the designated user information, the StrongBox remains secure.

Serenity Shield never holds custody over user assets. The user remains the sole owner of their credentials and assets at all times. Seed phrase recovery is therefore easy and entirely secure, and only possible through the possession of two of the three original NFT Keys. One Key remains with the user, the second Key resides with the chosen recipient, and the final Key remains secured in the smart contract Serenity Shield StrongBox. Only when the StrongBox smart contract activation requirements get fulfilled can anyone access the secured data. This arrangement can also be dissolved or rewritten at any time, and at the complete discretion of the user.

You Hold The Keys

With Serenity Shield, everyone who holds digital assets now has the power of asset protection and preservation. Everyone can secure their digital legacy, securing heritable assets for the next generation. That is the sort of peace of mind every single owner needs. And now, they have that power in their own hands. Join us. Experience real digital protection. Welcome to Serenity Shield. You’re in good hands here — your own.