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As you have read over the past few months, Serenity Shield is committed to one thing above all else — individual digital freedom. Whether discussing digital rights, data privacy, or digital security, the Serenity Shield team are maximalists.

Until now, the team has spent a great deal of time explaining our vision for Serenity Shield to the world. A project with our breadth and scope necessitates such a process, as it provides insight into how we intend to conduct ourselves as a commercial endeavor. We owe it to our supporters and the digital asset space at large as a condition of trust.

Moreover, the team here believes that the philosophical and ethical considerations are as fundamental to the project’s success as the technical. To absolutely butcher and reappropriate an old Nietzschean aphorism, those who understand the why will discover the how.

A Change of Pace

Accordingly, the time has now arrived to provide more information about the how. Therefore, we turn to a brief introduction to the solution itself and why it works. In the interest of educating our community about the mechanics of our project, in this piece, we will discuss the technology providing the digital architecture for our solution.

Our solution intends to provide optimum digital security for passing critical information between individuals, companies, or whomever else requires reliable protection. That protection involves pieces of an individual’s sensitive data — seed phrases, passwords, and the like. Eventually, our protective solution will extend to critical documentation for all other manners of personal and commercial applications. Our team foresees a time soon when our solution becomes the foundational security layer for exchanging data for the new digital economy. Such a high expectation requires us not just to devise our own innovative technological solutions but also to make use of others’.

Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

Like most success stories in human society, everything we accomplish as a species is the product of collaboration and of building upon the work of others. That collaboration may be direct, immediate, and reciprocal, or it could span great distances, even time. As Sir Isaac Newton, the famous English scientist, once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

This statement also applies to Serenity Shield. For instance, our digital succession and legacy solution resides on the Secret Network chain. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Secret Network, here is a short primer in their own words from their website.

Secret Network is the first blockchain with customizable privacy. You get to choose what you share, with whom, and how. This protects users and empowers developers to build a better Web3.

Secret Network, Our Secret Ingredient

Significantly, any technology our team incorporates into Serenity Shield must harmonize with our guiding principles. To put it more bluntly, protecting our users’ privacy, security, and digital rights supersedes all other considerations. Like in baking, you cannot bake a cake without the right ingredients. Secret Network, for us, provides our solution with a critical secret ingredient.

Secret Network is an independent, base-layer blockchain network built using the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK). Much like Serenity Shield, Secret Network places a high value on data privacy. Their technology gives complete control over data privacy and transparency to end users and developers like Serenity Shield rather than data monopolies.

Secret Network introduces data privacy by default as a function of their chain and supports smart contract development as well. This smart contract capability enables developers — in our case Serenity Shield — to build decentralized applications that protect user data and preserve privacy as standard. This insistence on base-layer, individual privacy will be what truly unlocks the value of the decentralized web. It is fundamental to our project. It makes the proverbial cake rise.

Secret Network provides us the digital framework to build encryption into our NFTs. Think of it like this to extend our metaphor. Serenity Shield is the bank vault, while Secret Network is the security key.

As time progresses, the Serenity Shield team will provide a more comprehensive explanation of how our project employs Secret Network’s technology to reinforce our own. For now, we will keep the explanation simple.

The Ten-Thousand Foot View

We chose Secret Network’s privacy-first technology to securely encrypt user data without exposing seed phrases, keys, or public-facing information to potential threats. Serenity Shield employs Secret Network for everything relating to the actual encryption of user data. This process occurs within the Serenity Shield DApp browser. That way, our users’ confidential information never becomes exposed or compromised.

Secret Network allows users to create a secure, private seed key that provides access to their critical data. That key then gets split into three segmented parts. Each encrypted piece of the key becomes a separate NFT on the Solana network. At that point, those three NFTs then get distributed to the respective destination wallets elected by the original Serenity Shield user.

Please visit our whitepaper and previous articles here for a more elaborate and detailed outline.

News Update

In addition and pertinent to the current discussion is the timeline for releasing our first-generation solution. The Serenity Shield team is excited to announce the release of our DApp in a matter of weeks. The team is hard at work testing everything rigorously, and we are on track to release it by mid-August. Stay tuned here for the exact date.

Also, please join us on our Telegram channel. There, you will be the first to know about official project announcements and developments. Additionally, you can also find us on Twitter, Discord, and our website. We are always available on all of our platforms to assist with your questions.