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Digital Assets — Live Without a Net

The cryptocurrency industry is a strange space. The activity is frenetic, with everything moving at a breakneck pace, everything constantly changing. Nothing stands still in this space, nothing moored down or secured. That is both a blessing and a curse. As many will tell you, a day in the digital asset space can feel like a month or longer anywhere else. If the frauds, the scams, and the ‘moonboy’ coins were not enough, we also manage custody over our assets. Not having to deal with the headache of TradFi banking is one of the great benefits of decentralized finance. The downside, though, is that it means our financial security is in our own hands, and with no backstop if we make a mistake. Self-custody poses a real risk with which we all must grapple.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Fortunately, Serenity Shield has the solution. Serenity Shield aims to deliver a safe, reliable, and comprehensive security solution for all digital asset custody issues. No longer will we fear losing our seed phrases, our passwords, or other sensitive digital data. No longer do we wonder how to ensure our intended recipients receive what we intend for them. Serenity Shield solves one of the most intractable problems currently facing all digital asset holders, no matter how large or small. With that solution, Serenity Shield will deliver the peace of mind we all seek in this tumultuous, unpredictable space.

We all face a simple, undeniable reality. It is important to recognize that everyone eventually passes away. Sometimes we are lucky enough to live a long, pleasant, and peaceful life. Others may experience an abbreviated one. Regardless of our path, we all end up in the same place. Our assets, however, do not have to suffer that same fate. 

Serenity Shield has created a decentralized, fully-encrypted, immutable, non-custodial mechanism for securing and protecting assets and information on the blockchain

Serenity Shield — Your Digital Succession Plan

Every one of us has fallen victim to hazards both foreseen and unforeseen. Some of us encounter serious risks regularly. How many of us know? Chances are, we know several people additionally who have suffered, particularly financially, and especially in the crypto space. Veterans of the digital asset market know the reality of being at constant risk all too well. It seems almost every other day another story comes along about someone somehow losing their assets, or people passing on without passing along their seed phrases. Just as cryptographic technology has revolutionized the financial world, the decentralized finance world needs a digital succession plan.

While there are no guarantees concerning returns in this space, there is one guarantee that you can always bet on. There will always, always be events that are incredibly difficult for which to plan. Serenity Shield has created a decentralized, fully-encrypted, immutable, non-custodial mechanism for securing and protecting assets and information on the blockchain. Serenity Shield has eliminated one of the gravest and most pervasive risks in the entire digital ecosystem.

Be sure to stay tuned to this space moving forward for updates and further deeper explanations of the Serenity Shield project. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our official Serenity Shield website, join us either on Telegram or Discord and follow us on Twitter.